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How to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals More Easily

A good number of network marketing products revolve around the weight loss niche. Nothing can make you more effective in marketing weight loss products than “being a product of the product”.

When you are under 40, weight loss is usually not a problem. Unfortunately, a lot of network marketers are overweight despite the fact that they consume weight loss products. If you suffer from being overweight, chances are your network marketing business is also not in good shape.

Whether you have an incredible weight loss product or not, attaining a healthy weight makes a difference on how easily you can bring new members on your team. People can easily see the incongruence of where you are at versus the promised transformation of the weight loss product.

It’s not your fault. There are a lot of factors that make people overweight. Lucky for you, you may have access to a miracle weight loss product and you might just need a little breakthrough to attain your target weight.

You’ve made a healthy weight goal. You’re finally going to address that with a weigh loss habit. You know the one that you do daily! You’ve been talking about doing this for a long time now, and you feel good because now you have a deadline.

You’ve got this handled.

Or do you?

Whether you’re trying to break an old habit or instill a new one, the thought has always been that if you make a positive decision toward change, that’s already half the battle. But more often than not, these lofty goals fall by the wayside in fairly short order.


The problem with goal-setting is that we’re focusing on the wrong goal. You say you want to lose 25 pounds by swimsuit season or by the New Year. But without a plan in place to make that happen, nothing is going to happen, even if you have what seems like a reasonable timeline in place.

What you forgot was how to make a plan, a roadmap for getting there.

So what can you do?

  1. Break down the task into small goals. If you want to lose those 25 pounds, then how are you going to do it? Maybe you want to exercise more and watch your diet. So make a goal for each week instead. For this particular goal that might mean changing out a meal for a protein shake every day and going to the gym three times a week. Whatever your goal, figure out the steps you need to get there.
  2. Put those tasks on a schedule. Now that you know what the pieces are, how are you going to make them fall into place? So if you’re planning on going to the gym three times a week, then put that on your calendar. Or create a meal plan and post it somewhere you’re going to see it.
  3. Track your Progress. Change is slow, so having a visual cue will help you see that in fact, you are making positive strides toward your goal. Remember those sticker charts we had as children? They work on adults too. Or mark on your calendar so you can see at a glance when you’re making progress.
  4. Don’t worry about the end date. Maybe progress might not be as fast as you’d like. The fact that you’re making progress means you’re heading in the right direction. Keep going!
  5. Finally, make sure you consistently use your weight loss product consistently.

You can develop weight loss habits with time and effort. In this case though, it’s more about the journey more than the destination.

Make a solid plan and whatever your goal, you’ll get there!