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Strategies, Techniques, Tools and Resources for the Online Network Marketer...

Finally, Stop Chasing Friends and Family! Streamline Your Cash Flow. Rank Advance Fast by Exponentially Growing Your Team... All Without Guru B.S., Information Overload & Technology Overwhelm!

Stop Chasing

No more chasing friends and family. Have leads begging to join you and your team instead.

Get Positive Cashflow

Payoff debt. Travel in style. Buy your dream house. Run your business with positive cashflow.

Grow Your Team

Reach top tier ranks by growing your team fast. Take to the stage, share your story and inspire the world.

Create Your Legacy

Decide what legacy you want to leave behind. Start creating your legacy today!

"One of the reasons I started NWM Academy years ago was because I was frustrated that there was no ONE place - without the pitch fest - to learn how to be an online Network Marketer." - Adrian Castro, Founder


What Will I Learn?

  • How to get more qualified leads interested in joining you
  • How to grow your team at neck breaking speed
  • How to derive an income even if a lead does not join your team
  • How to become the instant authority in your niche
  • How to quickly onboard your new team members
  • How to scale your campaigns with positive Return On Ad Spend (RoAS)


  • Distributorship with a company that is recognized by the Direct Selling Association (DSA). If you don't have one or unhappy with the one you have, we can recommend a few programs.
  • Basic Computer Skills - Send/Get Email
  • Burning Desire to Succeed


Duplication Made Simple™ is a comprehensive and perpetual 3 STAGE course broken into 9 modules.

It is everything I wished I had when I got started on my network marketing journey. Had I known then what I know now, I would have been able to save so much time, money, and aggravation in the process... Duplication Made Simple™ teaches you everything you need to know to grow your network marketing organization from scratch to whatever level you desire... even if you're starting out as a non-techie or don't know writing a single line of code.

This course was born out of the need to exponentially affect a multitude of people.

It order to solve anything, the root causes of the problem needs to be discovered.

Common issues and myths about the industry. How leaders make money whether they sponsor or not. Leaders on the calls but not working the business. Complex compensation plans that obfuscate true commissions. Why the gurus are keeping you poor. Training that favors extroverts and neglect introverts.

Why most duplication systems do not work.

Simple mind shifts can spell the difference - Customer versus Client? Recruiting vs Sponsoring vs Enrolling. Selling vs Marketing. What selling really is?

The 3 STAGES are 1) Yearn, 2) Learn and 3) Earn. These phases reflect the customer journey. Although it seems to be a straightforward linear path from Point A to Point B, it is actually a reiterative process that loops in perpetuity when it comes to reinventing yourself in your journey. For example, if you attempt to promote a new product from the same company, it is only natural to go through the Yearn-Learn-Earn cycle. It is inescapable.

Each Stage is broken down into 3 STEPS. Each of the STEPS are divided into 3 ACTIONS.

described in 2 aspects: your ideal customer experience and the mindset and skills you will be learning. If you know what would have been the ideal experience, you can aim to reproduce or duplicate that experience for the people you enroll in your organization.



Your journey starts with someone reaching out to you and asking for your permission. You become a lead in one of 3 ways - from 1) someone you know, 2) someone who bought a targeted lead list where you are in or 3) someone who paid for an ad that caught your interest. Because you were yearning for what they offer, you easily discern the benefit and give them permission to be in touch with you. Without your tacit permission, your experience in this journey would not be pleasant and off to a bad start.

In this module, you will learn how to reach out with permission to your qualified warm leads. They are leads that you generate and leads that you buy.


In the next step of your customer journey, you are pre-qualified before you are given any demo or opportunity. When qualified, you are then given the product and opportunity information.

In this module, you will learn an effective way of pre-qualifying and segmenting your leads. Most network marketers skip pre-qualification and rush into the the opportunity/product information so devastatingly suffer low conversion.



In this Module, you learn how to quickly get results from the product or service that you are representing. If products are not fast acting as anticipated, there are 5 critical factors that are keeping you off tract. In addition to experiencing physical results, you will also need to experience 3 enabling emotions in you. Without these 3 emotions deeply rooted at this stage, your success will be a bumpy ride.


Before any online campaign, it is important you identify your client avatar. In this module, you want to take a step back to really understand who it is that you are talking to. When you do, your messaging is on target. When your messaging in on target, your target client avatar feels as if you are directly speaking to her. In the exercises, you will explore other alternate avatars to pick the best one worthy to relentlessly pursue.


In the Perfect Offer Module, you will learn to create a unique Core Offer that reverses risk, makes price a no-brainer, and compels your audience to take action with urgency. You also will be able to create a Bonus Offer that would make up for an irresistible offer that is instantly profitable to you and your client in areas of Health, Wealth or Relationships


In the Presentation Module, you will be able to craft your Signature Story that creates a lasting impact on whoever you share it to. It is packaged with the optimal elements and the amount of minutes that does not result in you embarrassingly tooting your own horn. Learn 3 ways on how to present without mention of your company or products to keep your audience mesmerized and wanting for more. Along side your story, you will learn to craft your Signature Message that attracts and inspires.


In this module, you will be able to engage those who have opted in to your segmented lists with email, text message and live call sequences. You will also learn the ONLY type of online advertising to implement even with the lowest budget. Retarget or remarket people who visited your landing pages and direct them back to the next step in your funnel.


In this module, you will learn and master the fundamentals of paid ads, marketing from the stage and hosting your own digital events.

"If I would be given a chance to start all over again, I would choose Network Marketing."

William Henry “Bill” Gates III is frequently attributed to this quote. Many successful network marketers would also choose the same path. However, most – the 99% who tried and failed in network marketing – would not give it a second chance. Who would want to endure the stigma associated with network marketing anyway? For seasoned network marketers, that stigma rolls off like water off a duck’s back. That stigma doesn’t have to be there in the first place – if we play our part right. We believe in challenging the status quo. The way we change the status quo is by molding our students who discover and know their why’s. They could lead with authority so they can properly sponsor other leaders and scale their businesses. When would you like to join us?

Melinda and Bill Gates

With his wife Melinda, Bill Gates chairs the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the world's largest private charitable foundation.


We've partnered up with some of the best experts in lead generation, lead nurturing, enrollment and business scaling. We have vetted some of the courses hosted and available here at the Academy and those that we recommend outside. Although we are excited to share these expert resources, we have no involvement in or control over the expert’s offered services or business on their own. To keep our student courses affordable, we price them low and fund it through sponsorships and affiliates. We also may have an affiliate relationships with some of them. NWM Academy cannot guarantee the expert’s work product and is not responsible for any agreements between you and the expert. It is solely your responsibility to confirm that the expert is the right fit for you.​

We believe it is our responsibility to offer you additional resources in the best way that we can - and sometimes referrals can be changing from time to time. Here’s the experts who we often call on for advice, experience, and expertise, and we invite you to do the same.


Adrian is the Founder of NWM Academy and Creator of Duplication Made Simple™ and several other brands


Paul is a prolific digital product creator and digital agency owner. He created one of our Paid Ads workshop courses.


A veteran network marketer and trainer, Robert has licensed us several of his network marketing courses.


When you have a proven methodology, the Academy will be more than happy to include and promote your course.


Everything is broken down in to easy to follow steps that even the newest network marketer can follow


Access your training at any time as it can be viewed on any device and on any modern web browser


Study at your own pace and on your own schedule as your course access never expires


Who has the time for 6, 12 or even 40 hour courses?

NWM Academy courses are designed for busy network marketers who are working on their business part-time or full time. The courses are split into bite sized modules that are coherent and immediately actionable.

There are several courses available and planned for release in the membership area of the Academy. Some are available standalone or bundled as offers to different levels of achievement - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Courses fall in one of six categories below:


When you are in a team of independent contractors, you assume leadership by example of your actions and establish authority by demonstrating wisdom, competence and personal appeal. These courses show you the proven methods for instant leadership and instant authority.


Improving your spirit, mind and body is a priority if you want to attract the success you want to achieve. An investment in personal development is the best investment you can make. Develop confidence, certainty and clarity - and you become an unstoppable success magnet.


The rate at which your team grows largely depends on how you can coach and mentor them with the same skills you will have learned at the Academy. For Advanced students, our unique licensing program on our coaching platform will allow you rapidly expand. Duplication Made Simple!


Every month, a new online course is released to our students on the topic of online marketing. There are 24 courses including social media marketing on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn. With our AcademyPro platform, you are able to create your own e-learning academy with your own domain and sell the same course materials you learned from.


Our paid ads workshops cover fundamentals and advanced subjects in each of the different ad platforms. Unlike slide show or powerpoint presentations, our workshops feature over the shoulder videos that capture every click and screen navigation. Our exclusive Adtrakk platform helps model successful ads and avoid trial and error.


This comprise of lead magnets, traffic generation, and lead nurturing. We release two lead magnets every month plus students are able to access previously released lead magnets from the last 2 years. Content is masterfully written by professional copywriters. Use as is or modify to suit your niche. Free traffic generation courses are available.

Exclusive Live Weekly Mastermind

We go live every week and show you how to build your dream business.

HOT SEATS: We take one of our students and put them on the hot seat and go over what they are doing. We will dissect the business and find out what's working and not working.

RECORDED SESSIONS: If you are not able to be in the live sessions, no problem! Every call is recorded and uploaded in the members area.

SPECIAL GUESTS: Occasionally, we invite notable network marketers and trainers to our weekly masterminds to share new breakthroughs in the direct selling industry. You will never miss a beat and never have to look anywhere else!

Exclusive Challenges

We hold 21 Day Challenges monthly. These challenges allow our enrolled students to do deep dives into the tools and systems to give them a kickstart. 21 Day Challenges mainly focus on how to use the Adaptive Funnels system.

As "Money is in the follow-up", we fine tune funnels with particular attention to the nurturing flow of emails, phone calls and text messages to prospects.

Challenge sessions are held daily on workdays with a limited number of students so Challenge facilitators can monitor progress. Each student is allowed to sign up for one challenge and can review without limit on frequency but subject to availability since seats are limited.

So Here You Are at The Crossroads

It is Decision Time. You Have 3 Options

Option #1 : Do NOTHING and stay where you are right now.

Option #2: You can take what you learned reading from this page and go out there and see what you can do on your own. Go trial and error in the next few weeks and months and perhaps, you get lucky and get some traction on your own.

Option #3: If you are not ready for or don't want to deal with the pain in Options #1 and #2, you can simply book a call with us. If we see a fit, you can take my hand and allow me to walk you step-by-step through each part of the process and skip through the trial and error.

Schedule Your Discovery Call

Step #1 :Fill out the application form.

Step #2: You will be taken to our scheduler and you pick the best available time slot.

Step #3: Show up to the online interview. Due to a limited number of openings, you will forfeit your chance to join if you miss the interview. The interview will be a short 15 to 30 minute session to find out if there is a good fit. If accepted, you will proceed to enrollment.

What Happens in Our Discovery Call

The purpose of the Discovery Call is to: 1) Create a Vision and Message for your business - of what you want to accomplish. 2) Eliminate your biggest challenge that is preventing you from achieving your goals. At the end of the session, we would like to give you a PLAN and PATH to accomplish your vision and your goals. We would like to invite you to one of our programs and if it is a fit that’s great - we may work together and continue this journey and if NOT, that is cool too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Network Marketing Academy?

NWM Academy is the results-driven premier source for strategies, techniques, tools, resources and mastermind to advance your professional career in network marketing.

How is Network Marketing Academy Different?

NWM Academy is a comprehensive, interactive, everything you need program. It is not just video-based instruction, workshop or course. All that is learned here is put into motion with marketing automation software - AdaptiveFunnels.com. It is equivalent to guru-level learning without the high ticket cost plus the software to scale massively. The courses and software tools are proven and have produced measurable results. The skills that students learn in the Academy are culled from other sales and marketing specializations like Sales NLP, Local Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing - all applied to network marketing. All that wrapped up with a weekly Mastermind. With the skills and systems developed at the NWM Academy, you will establish your own brand and finally stop being a remote commission-only sales person.

Why Do I Need Network Marketing Academy?

The pandemic and ensuing lockdowns have stressed the need to be able to maintain and expand network marketing teams via online and contact-less methods. The methods being taught here are aboveboard and white hat.

Can't I just watch videos on YouTube to learn this myself?

You sure can but that's going to take a while because you will drown in an ocean of jumbled content >>> INFO OVERWHELM. What you will get here is structured learning that details everything you need to know in the right order to build and nurture your organization.

What is Adaptive Funnels?

Adaptive Funnels replaces 12 different tools needed to manage leads, websites, funnels, calendars and many other services - that are needed to acquire and maintain a customer. If you bought these software tools separately, you would easily spend $1,400 per month elsewhere. Adaptive Funnels is the way leaders normally communicate - with 2-way SMS, email, and voice in ONE system and based on the NWM Academy's Duplication Made Simple Signature Solution.

Who Else Uses Adaptive Funnels?

Although the core software of Adaptive Funnels is currently used by over 105K businesses that generates over 187 Million leads and growing, ONLY NWM Academy students use Adaptive Funnels and all of its nuances pertaining to network marketing. The Adaptive Funnel workflow is unique to NWM Academy. Adaptive Funnels is inseparable from NWM Academy.

I Have A Large Team, Is There Unlimited Adaptive Funnels?

Yes, you get the Unlimited Account version - unlimited leads, unlimited funnels, and unlimited Team Members. If money is an issue, you can start with an Monthly account because it has a lower cost. You do save 2 months if you get the Annual rate.

What does "Lifetime Updates" mean?

Since everything is always changing, we will be updating the training and templates to reflect any of those changes. We are also ALWAYS testing new ideas, strategies and methods, so we will be periodically adding materials with cutting edge, "what's working now" trainings.


And That’s All There Is Too It.

Regardless of how you decide to advance your career in network marketing, you need to do it now sooner than later.

The disadvantage of not having proper training long term is not something most network marketers can overcome. Eventually, as the market gets tight or competitive, there are those willing to step back and learn a little to gain the momentum they need.

So whatever you decide to do, do it. I would again highly suggest at least booking a call with us here before buying that next guru course or whiz bang gadget or paying thousands to create a custom learning system as robust as what we have here at NWM Academy.

The money you lose in trial and error can always be earned back but the time you lose is lost forever.

That being said I hope you enjoyed reading and learned something new and take action now...

-- Adrian



We want to give you full piece of mind wih a full 30 day risk free money back guarantee


Access your course at any time as it can be viewed on any device and on any modern web browser


Study at your own pace and on your own schedule as your course access never expires
NWM Academy 260×60 Crimson


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