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At NWM Academy, we commit to finding and building the network marketing leaders who will work with us to make this vision a reality


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”If I would be given a chance to start all over again, I would choose Network Marketing.”

William Henry “Bill” Gates III is frequently attributed to this quote. Many successful network marketers would also choose the same path. However, most – the 99% who tried and failed in network marketing – would not give it a second chance. Who would want to endure the stigma associated with network marketing anyway? For seasoned network marketers, that stigma rolls off like water off a duck’s back. That stigma doesn’t have to be there in the first place – if we play our part right.

We believe in challenging the status quo. The way we change the status quo is by molding our students who know their why’s and could lead with authority so they can properly sponsor other leaders and scale their businesses. When would you like to join us?

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