5 Massive Differences Between a Rich and Poor Mindset

Network marketers fail in the business not because they lack the desire or skills to succeed but because they do not have the right mindset.

Are you someone with a wealthy or poor mindset? Watch the video…

There are some fundamental differences between people who are rich and people who don’t have so much. And it’s not just money. Sure, some people are born into wealthy families or who might get a helping hand through luck or inheritance but mostly, it comes down to mindset. How you think about money, success and the likelihood that you’ll make it boils down to 5 major factors.

1. How do You React to a Surplus?

People with a poor mindset tend to react to a windfall or some extra money as a chance for a splurge. They grab it as a once in a blue moon opportunity to have some fun. A poor mindset believes in scarcity – money doesn’t come along that often, so enjoy it while you can.

A wealthy mindset sees it differently. They use it to boost more intangible things like investing in their business or their education. A surplus can be used to build wealth, not run it down.

2. Set Your Mindset to Investment

People with a wealthy mindset are always thinking of how to keep their abundance momentum going. They spend their time, energy, and resources on generating more wealth and setting up their system to keep it generating value into the future.

A poor mindset is overshadowed by scarcity and anxiety and has a short-term focus, often living from one paycheck to the next without thinking about long term returns on their efforts.

3. Get Comfortable with Risk

How do you feel about risk? Are you comfortable with making decisions or investments where there may not be a reward until further down the track, if ever? Or are you focused on short term quid pro quo?

A wealthy mindset is prepared to take a chance, to take calculated risks in the hope of a future reward.

4. Make Your Own Luck

If you have a scarcity mindset, you probably think that rich people are lucky and that the world is unfair. Worse, someone with a poor mindset blames others for their lack of wealth, and even think that they are owed.

A wealthy mindset realizes that frequently you make your own luck. Sure, timing helps, but you also need to be able to recognize and be open to opportunities. To take a few risks, and say yes more than no. They appreciate their good fortune and work to make it happen.

5. There is No End Point

A major difference between rich and poor mindsets is that someone with a poor mindset believes that success is some kind of endpoint. For them, success is the top of the mountain when all effort stops, and you can kick back and enjoy yourself.

A wealthy mindset knows that success is a continual process. Life is all about opportunities, learning, and growing. And that includes growing your wealth.



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